PATHOLOGY is renowned for their unyielding death metal assault on the ears, fueled by a relentless hunger to produce bludgeoning music with profound themes that set them apart from others in the genre. Formed in 2006 by Dave Astor, ex-cofounder of bands like THE LOCUST and CATTLE DECAPITATION, the band has evolved into its strongest lineup, featuring Dave Astor on drums, Daniel Richardson on guitar, Richard Jackson on bass, and Obie Flett as the vocalist, creating a perfect combination of talent.

Their music is an intense amalgamation of brutal riffs, crushing drums, and dark imagery, making it impossible to divert one's attention from their blood-soaked and twisted world of death metal.

With heavy grooves and an unyielding style, PATHOLOGY delivers compelling brutality that is not for the faint of heart. Their live performances, filled with guttural growls and rumbling grooves, leave both old and new fans captivated by the sheer force of PATHOLOGY's music.

PATHOLOGY stands as a formidable force in the death metal realm, leaving a trail of triumphant performances across North America, Mexico, Canada, and Europe, sharing the stage with renowned bands like OBITUARY, DEICIDE, NILE, VADER, IMMOLATION, and GRAVE, among others. Their impressive fan base of over 225,000 followers on social media is a testament to the fervor they ignite among their supporters.

The band's authenticity shines through their hard-working and down-to-earth demeanor, as they have earned their place in the music scene through dedication and persistence, rising from the underground. Their commitment to honing their craft knows no bounds, pushing the limits of their sound and captivating both new and younger fans with their relentless and powerful music. PATHOLOGY's ability to transcend genres and resonate with diverse audiences solidifies their status as an undeniable force in the world of death metal.

PATHOLOGY's uncompromising hostility towards their music continues to wreak havoc on anyone daring to step into their destructive path. Their commitment to maintaining a unique and raw sound has propelled them to the forefront of the death metal elite. PATHOLOGY stands tall, unyielding to mainstream pressures, making them the most forward-thinking purveyors of mayhem in the genre.